System Admin

Job title: System Admin

Department: IT

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or relevant field.
  • At least 3 years of related work experience in administration of AWS infrastructures and Linux systems.
  • Familiar with Linux commands, Certification in Linux Server will be added advantage(eg: Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle Enterprise Linux)
  • Experienced with the deployment and the CI/CD practices of web applications.
  • Knowledge and experience in managing MySQL database server (replication, read/write splitting and clustering, offsite backup).
  • Curious-minded, proactive and willing to learn new technology.

Job Responsibilities

  • Improve the availability, response time and scalability of the existing server/infrastructures.
  • Implementing auto-failover and auto-scaling based on traffic load.
  • Implement strategies to handle web attack such as DDOS attack, penetration.
  • Implement and improve the deployment process of the web applications.
  • Diagnose and resolve performance & stability issues in high-throughput web applications and network services.
  • To plan and execute disaster recovery activities.