Job title: Operator

Department: Call-Center

Job Requirements

  • Age between (18-35 years old), men and women are not limited, and have a high school Familiar with the basic operation of the computer, typing more than 40 words per minute, familiar with the Internet tools, proficient in using network chat tools and various office software.
  • No specific experience is required.
  • Strong communication adaptability, good mathematics, attention to detail, a strong sense of obedience, optimism, and cheerfulness.
  • Required language: Good command in Thai and/or English

Job Responsibilities

Summary: sales administration work, deposit and withdraw

  • Comprehend every type of product's format and work procedures.
  • Provide financial services; be responsible for every transaction that includes receipts inspection (amount, date, time, name, references) and banks’ cash in and cashes out.
  • Authenticate customers’ receipts.
  • Takes orders and fast response to every transaction.
  • Key in correct data and maintaining customer databases.
  • To support any ad-hoc project or task related to customer service.